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Why an Aquarium?

  • You can get started for less than $35.
  • Kids love them. So do adults! Aquarium fish are the most popular pet in America, with nearly 12 million households owning more than 158 million fish.
  • There is extensive medical evidence indicating that aquariums are a highly effective means of alleviating stress even in difficult situations such as dental surgery. See "Health Benefits of Aquarium Fish" at
  • Freshwater aquariums look great and can be stylized with fish themes and colors. Whether large or small, aquariums can be an integral part of your interior design, introducing year-round living color and movement that will appeal to all that enter the room.
  • So much variety! You can choose to create a community, cichlid, goldfish, planted or natural-habitat aquariums.
  • Aquariums can be a great teaching tool that bring adults and kids together in an experience of learning, problem solving, and fun.
  • Students who are fish owners score the highest on both math and verbal SATs, with a combined score 200 points higher than non-pet owners.
  • High schoolers who keep fish or other pets have an average GPA of 3.5, versus non-pet owners at 3.2.

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