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Photo Gallery

Your Aquarium: Florida Tropical Fish & Aquatic Plants

Aquarium Scenes: Close ups of tropical aquarium fish, corals, and aquatic plants.

"Tropical" Aquarium Video
Species: angelfish, mollies, gouramy, red-tailed black shark, aquarium plants

Freshwater Jungle Aquarium
Video of tropical freshwater fish in a planted aquarium.

Tropical Freshwater Aquarium
Another video of tropical freshwater fish in a planted aquarium.

Instructions: Click on a photo to see a bigger photo and description.

Blushing Gold Marble Angel Fish, Species-Only Tank, Advanced HobbyistBlushing Allomo Tiger Barb, Semi-aggresive, Beginner LevelGolden Redtail Tinfoil Barb, Community Tank, Beginner LevelBlack Lyretail Molly, Community, Beginner LevelGold Dust Molly, Community, Beginner LevelGold Sailfin Molly, Community/Semi-aggresive, Beginner LevelAlbino Tiger Oscar, Aggressive, Beginner LevelTiger Oscar, Agressive, Beginner LevelNew Guinea Rainbow, Semi-aggressive, Intermediate LevelRasbora heteromorpha, Community, Beginner LevelRainbow Shark, Semi-aggressive, Intermediate LevelHi Fin Lyretail Swordtail, Community, Beginner-Intermediate LevelMarigold Lyretail Molly, Community, Beginner LevelCardinal Tetra, Community, Intermediate LevelSerpae Tetra, Semi-aggressive, Beginner LevelBloodfin Tetra, Community, Intermediate LevelPlaty, Community, Beginner LevelDiscus, Species-Only Tank, Advanced LevelWhite Skirt Tetra, Community, Beginner LevelRed Parrot Cichlid, Semi-aggressive, Intermediate LevelPearlscale Goldfish, Coldwater Tank, Beginner LevelRyukin Goldfish, Coldwater Tank, Beginner Level