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Buy Florida Tropical Fish

Why buy only the best ornamental fish, those raised in Florida's fish farms?

Our Unique Quality

Certified Farms. Fish farms can be large or small, from high tech indoor systems to simple earthen fish ponds.  But regardless of the type of operation, the Florida Department of Agriculture’s Division of Aquaculture oversees the Industry and certifies our fish farms to ensure that every producer meets standards of health, water quality, environmental protection, and accountability. 

Florida fish farms also have the benefit of professional diagnostic, extension, health certification, and research services through the University of Florida’s Tropical Aquaculture Laboratory.

Superior Nutrition.  The Florida tropical fish farming industry also benefits from the development of key infrastructure that supports our producers.  One notable example is the availability of high quality, specialty fish foods to the membership through our own Coop store, and from other major fish food manufacturers direct to the farms.  This ensures that Florida fish farms have the world’s best diets available for their production, an advantage for every fish owner. Offshore producers lack this infrastructure and the key ingredients to feed similar diets.

An American Industry

Florida tropical fish farmers, although typically not the first type of farmer that a person typically thinks of when the subject arises, are part of a shrinking element of today’s economy and society - the American Farmer.  When you are supporting Florida fishes you are supporting American families and our domestic economy.


Florida fish production is a largely a “Green” and sustainable industry.  We depend upon natural resources, sun and water, and the benefits of soils and natural foods in our pond production.