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Buy Florida Fish

Why buy tropical fish born and raised in Florida?


Florida fish farmers are always creating new varieties of fish, unique to Florida.  Our projects include unique captive-breeding of fishes previously only available from wild sources – fish like cardinal tetras and the fancy plecostomus.  Our farmers have also produced new color forms of swordtail.  Florida fish farmers have introduced dozens of new fishes to the hobby!


Florida fish production is a largely a “Green” and sustainable industry. Our farms depend upon natural resources, sun and water, and the benefits of the soils and natural foods in our pond production. 

Great Fish, Great Farms

Florida fish farms can be large or small, from high tech indoor systems to simple earthen fish ponds.  Regardless of the type of operation, the Florida Department of Agriculture’s Division of Aquaculture oversees the Industry and certifies fish farms to ensure that every producer meets standards of health, water quality, environmental protection, and accountability.